Should I Buy Gold Jewelry Instead?

Gold Jewelry

At this point, if you’ve been reading through the articles, you’ve been gaining some knowledge and some confidence.  Hopefully, you’ve been checking out some gold sellers online and maybe you’ve even struck out to your LCS (Local Coin Shop) to have a look around and do a little more research.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be an informed investor.  As I’ve said before, there is no one who is going to be more concerned for your financial welfare than you – even if you’re paying them to.

We’ve discussed purchasing investment grade gold – .999 fine gold bars and coins – mainly for protection of  your assets, but maybe you’re wanting to be buying some of this beauty so that you can show it off.  This brings up some good points.  Personally, I’m not a flashy fella’.  I invest in the precious metals mainly, as I’ve said, for protection of my assets.  I believe inflation, probably some level of hyper-inflation, is going to hit sometime over the next few years.  If that’s the case, I want to be holding a stable asset and gold and silver are my choices.  [If you want to learn about silver, head over here.]

I have told basically no one about my precious metals holdings.  I used to discuss it back in the early 2000s and I encouraged friends and family members to follow me into this daring world.  Most listened, some questioned, few acted.  That’s okay; everyone’s got to follow their own path.  After a while, though, I stopped talking about it because I realized that if someone close to me, at some party say, mentioned to someone else who mentioned to someone else that I own gold, that might motivate some less-than-honorable individuals to come ‘round looking for it.  [I know this might sound a little “out there,” but if things hit the fan, so to speak, who knows what people will be driven to?  Who knows, people might be more driven to look for food rather than gold and silver.  Anyway, bottom line, I don’t think it’s a great idea to make your stash public.


There is something to be said about owning gold jewelry in lieu of gold bars in case gold confiscation becomes an issue.  We discussed this a bit in the Buy Gold Coins article and we’ll discuss it a bit more in a gold confiscation article, but for now let’s just say it’s a possibility.  If it happens again like it did in 1933, you’ll be legally obligated to turn in your gold coins and bars.  Gold jewelry, however, is just that: it’s jewelry, and not subject to confiscation.  It’s certainly something to consider.

Something else to think about is mobility.  There are many individuals these days who are not entirely happy with how things are developing in this “once-great” country of ours and are either considering packing their bags and leaving, or at least, moving some or much of their wealth outside the country.  The latter option is growing in popularity, and though challenging, it is still possible to move assets elsewhere.  (It will undoubtedly become more difficult to do so as things progress.)  You cannot just throw a bunch of gold coins in your pockets and hop on a plane somewhere.  You may never see that gold again as you are only allowed to take $10,000 out of the country.  If you’re wearing gold rings and necklaces and whatnot, you’re free to go – wealth transferred.  There are a couple of gold investment companies who are now selling .999 fine gold jewelry for just this purpose (Here's one!). There are also a seemingly limitless number of locations to buy gold jewelry online or offline.  A large jewelry purchase is probably something you want to do in person though.

How to Buy Gold Jewelry

This is just a very brief overview.  If you’re in the market for jewelry, I encourage you to do much more research.  [If you’re looking for places that buy gold jewelry, check out Gold for Cash.]

When buying gold jewelry, you’re looking at a few obvious details.  First off, the piece should have quality construction.  You want to check and test all clasps, pins, and connections.  The work should look good, well-made, and solid.  You’re also going to look, of course, at the karatage.  Know the different levels of purity (see the 24K Gold Price), and have your calculator handy because you’ll have to figure the value from the weight of the piece – measured in grams.  You can use a scrap gold calculator here, but you’re going to end up paying more than scrap value for a piece.  This is like the “bid” and the “ask” that we discussed in Gold Bars for Sale!.  The dealer’s got to make money on the sale.  That’s called “business.”  Finally, design is a factor, and that one’s all on you.  Known designer names will cost you more, but of course, beautiful design is found in the eye of the beholder.

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