Cheap Gold – Is There Such a Thing?

Good day, dear friends!  I have no doubt that you have come upon this page because you are in the market for some CHEAP GOLD!  You want to protect your family and your savings; you want a shelter from the inflation storm that will soon hit our hard-earned wealth; and you want to do it by trying to find some cheap gold coins or some cheap gold jewelry.  You are wise, my friend; very wise.

I’d like to share something with you right now.  Take a look at this chart of the current gold price per ounce:

the current gold price is cheap

This, of course, is the weekly chart of gold that covers the last three years or so.  Tell me what you see?  That’s right, there’s a heroic, yet lovely rise in price into the summer of 2011 that took us to new highs (not inflation-adjusted, mind you!) in the gold price.  Then what happened?  Yes, you are a brilliant student!  You see the painful, protracted pause – that’s right, just a pause – in the price escalation, awaiting the next, even greater rise that looks to be starting already.  We reached some lows in late June, as you can see.  Is this the final low before the next blast off?  It could be.  The price could go lower, but it’s looking less and less like it as each day passes.

I want you to look at this chart in relative terms though.  We’ve got a high at around $1900 and a low around $1200.  That means that right now we have a low price – much lower relative to $1900, no?  And what’s another word for “low price”?  Yes, CHEAP!  Right now!  Right now we have cheap gold.  If you want to go out and buy cheap gold – cheap gold necklaces, cheap gold rings, cheap gold bars or gold coins, go out and buy them right now!  I can assure you (being the non-financial advisor who is not giving financial advice right now) that the price of gold will be going up – a lot!

I can see that some of you are in a bit of a quandary.  You see that the price is low, but you also see that the price is rising.  You want to buy your cheap gold now, but you’re afraid that the price may go down after you buy.  But you’re also afraid that if you don’t buy then the price will keep going up.  If this is you, my friend, then you must stop being afraid.  I can tell you from experience that the odds of price going down after you buy is almost guaranteed, and you know what?  I have lived to write about it and even laugh about it.  It’s okay because I know in my non-financial advising gut that price will be going up.  What you need to be concerned about – because money issues are nothing to fear – is missing out on the next great rally that will be coming soon (if it hasn’t started already).  To avoid this, you should buy some gold right now.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Just buy a little; how about an ounce or even less?  Then if (when) price goes down, you can buy a little more.  Here’s you key:  Buy low; sell high.  There is no other… what’s that?  Oh you’ve heard that one.  Well, it’s a good one.  The catch is, you’re never going to know how low is “low” or how high is “high”.  So, it might be wise to buy “some” when it’s low and sell “some” when it’s high.  Right now, the current gold price per ounce is “low”.