Should I Buy Gold Now?

An excellent question, my friend!  (We’re off to a great start here, I think!)  I believe this is an excellent question because I believe this is an excellent time to buy gold.  “Okay,” you reply, “but why should I buy gold now?”  Another excellent query – charming person; charming, clever person that you are! You may ask that question because you’ve recently looked at a gold chart or heard some mention of it (probably negative) on some news report or CNBC segment.  You’ve heard or you’ve seen from the chart that gold has taken a rather strong and sustained pummeling over the last 24 months or so that saw its value (its paper value, that is – we’ll make a distinction later) drop from $1900 to around $1200.  That’s a pretty serious blow, around 35%.  Fear not, intrepid investor.  Gold is a contender; a heavyweight contender.  He’s been knocked around a bit, but he’s been fighting this fight for thousands of years, and you know what?  He’s always wins.

Who are these opponents of his that have given him such a beating?  Well, here’s where we run into a bit of a debate.  Some say it’s our current (but soon to be retired) Fed (Federal Reserve) head, Ben Bernanke, who knows that gold is a rascal, who’s paper price would rocket up to the stratosphere if the real current inflation rate, or unemployment rate were revealed to the public.  In other words, should I buy gold nowthere are those who propose that the price of gold is being controlled and manipulated.  There are others who claim that gold and its derivatives (gold stocks and gold funds/ETFs) are being significantly depressed in order for large international banks to earn obscene profits by shorting gold (and silver).  There are yet others who say this and some more others who say that, and you know what?  You and I are never going to know everything that’s being said, and we’re never really going to know the truth about what’s happening on Wall Street or in DC.  What we do know is what we see around us.  We know what we see on the news (although that can certainly be suspect as well).  We see there is unrest in the world, politically and economically.  There are bail-outs and bail ins and governments defaulting or about to along with US cities in the same dire straits.  Throughout the time of governments and financial systems, the only real currency there has ever been that has survived the test of time is Gold and Silver.  Why? Because they are finite.  They cannot be created out of thin air.  These are real moneys; literally hard currency that the masses have fled to when instability and insecurity abound.  We’re not there yet, but I think we’re close.  And the fact that gold has been hit hard means that those in power know it too and this has been one of their last, if not the last, desperate attempt at control… whew! (deep breath here)

It’s a Good Time to Buy Gold

So, in answer to your question, “Is this a good time to buy gold?” My reply is an unwavering, unshakable YES.” With that answer in your pocket, here are the next questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Where should I buy gold?
  • Should I buy gold coins?
  • Should I buy gold bars?
  • Should I buy gold or silver?

Well, dear friends, we’re going to answer all of those questions and more throughout this series of articles.  We’ll also cover the gold price; we’ll look at gold buyers; we’ll discuss when to sell gold when it comes time; we’ll also go over selling gold jewelry and the gold for cash phenomenon.

This price decline has been disconcerting for all but the most die hard and faithful gold investors.  One of our great leaders in this conflict has been Jim Sinclair, affectionately referred to as “Santa” in some circles.  I highly recommend that as soon as you finish these last few sentences pop on over there for a heavy dose of honesty and sanity.  Make sure you come back here and check out the other articles we have for you.  Also, if you are at all interested in the poor man’s gold, Silver, pop on over to our other site at To Buy and Sell Silver.

I wholeheartedly welcome you on our journey here.  If you have any questions or comments for us, please click on the CONTACT link above.

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PS- I want (and need) to point out that all comments in this and any article on the site are merely my opinions and should be construed as such.  In other words, I am not telling you what to do, or what you should do.  Investing is risky business and losses can occur.  Make sure you’re doing plenty of research.  J.

Where to Now?


So, we’re seeing a bit of a pullback here to around the $1400 range, apparently because of the Syria situation, but then again, who the hell knows the real cause of anything when the government, industry and money are concerned.  We definitely do know that the objective of the first two (government & industry) is always the last one (money).  Gold is looking surprisingly strong in the face of a strong dollar move, as many are convinced that US military intervention is not a question of “if,” but “when.”  So, what do we gold holders do?  Simple — wait.  Simply waiting, however, is not always easy.

In times like these I find it beneficial to spend more time away from the news and the computer, which is the reason for the delay between posts.  I have been getting a bit caught up lately in thinking about the future; thinking about the exit strategy for the metal that I have accumulated over the years.  I ran across this video today and I think it strengthens our resolve to find alternatives for our savings.  Have a watch and we’ll discuss…

This vid offers some good reasons to stay away from the big banks.  One of our alternatives is cash saved at home, but our fave, of course, are the metals kept in our possession.  And we are not alone.  More and more folks are joining us everyday to include my brother and all of these people.

As mentioned, I’ve been thinking about what to do when it comes time for selling.  As this next climb in price continues, this time with more friends joining us in ever-growing numbers, a sense of dread begins to rise from the depths of my dread glands.  I begin to think at first, then to believe that the government, in its perfunctory pursuit of power & profit, will not (cannot?) reward the gold and silver investor with a windfall.  As our precious investments rise in value, I wonder what will be our fate?  Will our 28% tax requirement grow equivalently to 40%, 50%, or more?  Or will it be that the govt. chooses to confiscate our golden hoard?  If you scratch just beneath the surface, you’ll see that the situation of our country and of the world is dire.  How bad is it?  Here’s an excellent article on the steps that a desperate government will take to maintain control.  Anything look familiar?  That’s some cheery stuff…

In the article, they mention a couple of measures we can take to protect ourselves.  They suggest “internationalizing” our assets – storing our cash and metals in Singapore and similar locations whose numbers and availability seem to be steadily shrinking.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t got that kind of money.  We’re doing alright, but just trying to get my head around internationalizing my assets makes my head ache.  Singapore?  Seriously?  I think about loading up some of the metal and heading north to Canada to a safe deposit box there as a possibility, but that’s a fairly big ordeal in itself…

Well, here we go again.  When I find myself concerned and worrying about the future is when I know that it’s time to let it go and leave it to a greater power — and I’m not talking about the government.  I suggest you do the same.  Things are getting mighty noisy right now.  As always, stay focused on what’s important.  Things will work out exactly as they need to and no amount of worrying will make a damned bit of difference.

We’ll have something a little more concrete for you next time.  Thanks for reading.  J.